How about a cooking class to boost your kitchen mojo?

It is fair to say, all of us have reached that point before - that is being completely at loss for ideas about what to cook next for lunch or dinner. Add the pressure of cooking healthy yet tasty dishes and we tend to all go down the meat and 3 veg road! 

If you feel like you are stuck in a cooking rut, have a look at the amazing classes Sylvia's Kitchen has got on offer. From 'Back to Basics' all the way through the ultimate 'Tasmanian Food Experience' and One-on-one Coaching, Sylvia can teach you kitchen skills that last a lifetime and literally, get your cooking mojo back on track! 


Based in Launceston, Northern Tasmania, Sylvia is a great advocate for local seasonal produce and York Town Organics is proud to supply her on a regular basis with our broad range of certified organic produce. Find out about Sylvia's Kitchen

No doubt you'll be cooking up a storm in no time, so remember to share your favourite recipes with us on Facebook or Instagram. 

Bon Appetit!